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Hot Oven Catering


Since day one, it has been not only about catering healthy and fresh food, but about delivering an entirely healthy lifestyle for our customers. To do this, Hot Oven always provides high-quality health food options to schools, special occasions, corporate events, weddings, VIP events, and many more clients.

As we fully understand the vital role of healthy and fresh food in the success of events and the satisfaction of customers, we're always keen to get our clients, especially parents, to feel secure with our brand.

Therefore, our foods are simultaneously high quality and delicious. For example, our spaghetti is made of rice, our chicken nuggets and French fries are baked so that we ensure that customers at events, and children at schools, get food that is fresh, healthy and finger-licking.

Catering to schools, parties of all sizes, special occasions, corporate events, weddings, and VIP events, we’re keen to maintain excellence in every single event and provide spectacular cuisine to a broad range of top-notch clients.


To deliver a pleasurable, healthful, delicious eating and drinking experience at reasonable prices for our valued customers


To become the top food caterer across the UAE, second to none in delivering a completely healthy lifestyle.


Respect and integrity, pride and accountability, teamwork and inclusiveness, flexibility and initiative, understanding and compassion.


Hot Oven Corporate

You Order, We Handle The Rest

We, at Hot Oven, have the experience and the creativity to make your upcoming corporate event the most special! Be it a big conference, a small or large meeting, a full-day seminar, a seasonal or working lunch, or dinner cocktail party, our job is to help you make a lasting impression!

Our expert team will be working closely with you on choosing the ideal venue for your event and then customizing the menu to impeccably meet your budget and your specific requirements.

As for our cuisine, we take pride in making the healthiest, safest, freshest, and tastiest meals delivered hot from our kitchen to your door - over and above an exceptional customer service that includes delivery, buffet-style setup, and cleanup.

Therefore, we’ve gained extensive experience in providing corporate events, at businesses and government agencies across the UAE, with superior catering - ensuring that the menus, the ambiance, and the whole dining experience are first-class and impeccable.

Hot Oven Banqueting

We Take Banqueting to the Highest Level

Whether it's a working breakfast, a mid-afternoon snack, a dinner buffet, a reception, or a royal wedding, we guarantee a memorable dining experience for your banquet, so that all your guests are energized.

Our matchless banqueting services will certainly provide you with delicious dishes - cooked by our expert, multicultural chefs so that at the end of the day you get great value for your money.

With our world-class service, we can accommodate a number of guests as small as 100 people or as large as 3000.

Moreover, our menus range from plated, sit-down meals to large-scale receptions, buffets, and banquets, offering limitless food choices all with the unique ambiance that we create to delight your friends, family, and guests.

Hot Oven edu caters

Towards a healthy generation

A leading caterer of school food, we are dedicated to giving students the benefits of healthy, nutritious meals and encouraging them to find out the wonders of food by trying new tastes, flavors, and dishes. We, at the end of the day, consistently endeavor to help boys and girls understand and enjoy the value of a healthy diet.

Hot Oven Gourmet

Chase Your Favorite Flavors

Geographically, Hot Oven Gourmet is located in the Citygate Tower, ground floor. Yet we actually exist in the hearts and minds of our guests, as we are always keen to offer a safe and clean environment to dine, incredible food as well as a notable customer service experience.

From the surrounding music to lighting and art on the walls, all tiny details will be tied together to create a dining atmosphere that you and your guests can hardly forget!

As for our waitstaff, their food knowledge and customer-centricity help them extend beyond explaining the entire menu without notes to the high skies of fine dining - where they’re there when you need help, and absent when you don't!

Finally, when it comes to menus, our renowned chefs don’t only watch food trends and follow them to keep your menu fresh and thrilling, but they also are so creative as to be food tastes trendsetters!