Hercules International Sports Tangier

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Hercules International Sports Tangier

Established in 2002, Hercules International Sports Tangier (HIST) is a civil and electromechanical company contracting for commercial and residential buildings, as well as real estate property investment, development, and management.

How It All Started

The Bukhatir Investment Limited BIL decided in 1998 to invest in the charming North African country by creating a first-class, top-notch multifunctional sport, commercial, conference, chalet, and exhibition facility in Tangier, to promote it as a world-class international center for both tourism and business.

Why Morocco and Tangier?

Morocco is located very close to Europe, the most significant potential tourist market across the globe. Moreover, the North African nation is famous for numerous attractions, which are a magnet for Western tourists, including the country’s wide geographical diversity, rich artistic and cultural heritage, mild Mediterranean weather, in addition to the unmatched hospitality of Morocco’s populace.

Tangier is Morocco’s famous port on the Strait of Gibraltar, which has been, since Phoenician times, a strategic gateway between Africa and Europe.





What’s in the Splendid Resort?

Located in one of the most delicate areas of the city of Tangier, next to the famous Tangier Royal Golf Club, the excellent multifunctional tourist facility features the following:

  • Clubhouse with 80 five star quality rooms
  • Spa
  • Convention Center
  • 70 Villas
  • Championship 18-hole Golf Course
  • Tennis/Football Academies
  • International Cricket Stadium
  • Superior Customer Service (According to tourists, the facility staff takes extra care to personalize the guest experience)