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Bukhatir Properties International

As the leading real estate development and investments management company across the UAE, the Middle East and North Africa, Bukhatir Properties International (BPI) has been paving the way for over 47 years.

Headquartered in Sharjah, the company is a fully owned subsidiary of the conglomerate, the Bukhatir Group, one of the largest and most diversified business groups in the United Arab Emirates, that has been investing in the fields of construction, education, information technology, real estate, shopping and retail, sports and leisure, and services, , since 1974.

With offices in the UAE, the Middle East, and North Africa, BPI has a great history of delivering premium quality properties and retain as investments featuring a blend of traditional and progressive designs, along with the highest level of customer service, that makes BPI both unique and inimitable.

With a story of a glorious past, we are still building a prosperous and sustainable future.

AED 1.3 BN.

Commercial Projects Overall Cost

AED 1.1 BN.

Residential Projects Overall Cost

Our Mission

To transform BPI into a one-stop solution provider of lifestyle requirements, within sectors such as residential, commercial, leisure, retail, health, education, industrial and more.

Our Vision

To be the primary property development company in the Middle East, uncontested, providing the ultimate value for customers.

Our Values:

Leadership: Take initiative to be a leader and an innovator, in all our industries. Performance: Perform optimally and achieve the highest accolades, by adopting the best international standards and practices.
Respect: For all individuals and all views.
Efficiency: With teamwork, best capabilities and sincere commitment, we execute all tasks to the highest standards
Communication: Our open-door policy offers access and speed of response.
Professionalism: In our dealings with partners, associates and all stakeholders, particularly customers.