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Bucomac Industries

With the characteristics of clear goal and vision, successful planning, and modern professional management, Bucomac is the story of a typical family business that has grown into a giant company.

Founded in 1976 at a small site creating blocks with a simple and manual mold, Bucomac has been since then rapidly growing until today when the company is currently producing more than 220,000 blocks daily from the most state-of-the-art manufacturing plants in the Middle East.

Our Man-Technology Blend

We put human excellence first. At Bucomac, we value the team, which is comprised of 300 competent employees, and continually encourages and inspires every one of them to achieve their potentials.

When it comes to technology, our edge lies in the advanced attributes of

our machinery, which allows mold changing in a shorter time, thus allowing for faster and higher production rates, as well as for consistent and high-quality daily output.







Our Quality

Bucomac has been consistently supplying high-quality blocks to satisfy the spiraling demand for blocks in the ever-expanding regional construction industry. We, therefore, had to adopt a different strategy, which has resulted in products that have exceeded expectations for both technical and aesthetic - products that are now helping to create imaginative and practical new constructions that hitherto would not have been possible. So, how did we make it happen?

Bucomac has established stringent quality control procedures, following the ISO 9001 requirements, together with fully automated production processes to maintain high product standards that satisfy the requirements for architects, consultants, developers, and local authorities. Besides, we also operate a unique internal quality control system.

The result: our reputation for quality service has gained the company a loyal customer base, and for 40 years, Bucomac have been involved in most of the significant projects in the UAE and the Gulf region.

Our Mission

To deliver products and services that enable construction companies to meet their needs on a timely basis, in accordance with UAE regulations, and with full adherence to consultants’ specifications.

Our Vision 

To provide the highest quality products through our highly skilled and dedicated employees and state-of-the-art factories.

Our Core Values

•    The best people who work together as a team – teamwork.
•    Upholding the highest standards of integrity and respect in all our operations.
•    Customer commitment and service-driven work.
•    Overseeing quality control and providing outstanding quality products.
•    Making work fun, rewarding excellent performance, and putting health and safety first.
•    A will to win in the marketplace.
•    Continuous improvement and innovation

Our Products:

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Key Projects

Key Clients

Bucomac strives to provide our clients with the best products and services in the market. We deliver excellent customer care and support. This service level is the driving force behind our success.