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American School of Creative Science

ASCS welcomes prospective parents and students from all nationalities. We aim to provide a unique education that is second to none. Our curriculum nurtures, cultivates and fosters creative and critical thinking skills. We strive for academic excellence with strong moral values to develop successful and contributing members of a global society. ASCS Al Barsha aims to provide the very best of both the American curriculum and UAE national education, for Arabic, Islamic, and Social Studies.

We are fortunate to be able to draw on two decades’ educational knowledge and expertise from our sister schools ISCS and ASCS, in combining the very best of internationally renowned pedagogical best practices.

We trust that this website will encourage you to consider ASCS for your child, and we welcome you to come and visit us for any additional information.


Where educators see learning through the eyes of their students and our students see themselves as their own teachers and leaders.


Lighting the way to a better future through faith, leadership, creativity, and scientific understanding of learning.

School Values

  • Excellence
  • Creativity
  • Leadership
  • Collaboration
  • Tolerance

Our Uniqueness

ASCS offers a 21st-century education structure that is rooted in open-ended questions and critical thinking. In all we do, there is a focus on the science of a subject. Students recognize the root of Math, English, and History by having teachers support them in discovering the “why” of knowledge. Our standard for student learning is international. We base student achievement not only on external international assessments but also on internally designed assessments that require critical thinking and analysis. We support students’ learning dispositions equally. This means that we encourage students to discover their unique gifts, talents, and interests and then convert them into opportunities for progress and attainment in all subject areas.

The English and Arabic departments adopt a common approach and ensure that links are established between the different subjects. In the KG department, for instance, both departments take an area-of-learning based curriculum, and storybooks used in the English classes, that are translated to Arabic so that children can listen and interact with the same story in both languages.

At the Elementary level, the school adopts a thematic approach, ensuring that children are encouraged to make links between the different subjects. The school also developed its Computer curriculum that meets the objectives of the US Common Core Curriculum while referring to the material used in English, Islamic studies, Math, and Science, thus encouraging children to use their IT skills in a variety of contexts. The school also offers a rich and diverse extra-curricular program where children have ample opportunities to express their creativity and develop their talent.

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